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ps1 dome
Photograph by Rob Ratkowski for the PS1SC
Dangers from space
CameraLearn about the threat to Earth from asteroids & comets and how the Pan-STARRS project is designed to help detect these NEOs. Learn more...

1,400,000,000 pixels

CameraPan-STARRS has the world's largest digital cameras.

Read about them here...

The PS1 Prototype

PS1 goes operational and begins science mission

PS1 Science Consortium formed...

PS1SC Blog

PS1 image gallery



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Welcome to Pan-STARRS

Pan-STARRS -- the Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System -- is an innovative design for a wide-field imaging facility developed at the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy.

The combination of relatively small mirrors with very large digital cameras results in an economical observing system that can observe the entire available sky several times each month.

The prototype single-mirror telescope PS1 is now operational on Mount Haleakala; its scientific research program is being undertaken by the PS1 Science Consortium - a collaboration between ten research organizations in four countries,

A major goal of Pan-STARRS is to discover and characterize Earth-approaching objects, both asteroids & comets, that might pose a danger to our planet.

Its vast database is also ideal for research in several other astronomical areas, particularly those which involve an aspect of time variability.  See PS1SC key projects for examples.


Project News

PS1 discovers 19  NEOs in one night

High School students from Texas and Germay join search for asteroids...

...and now Maui students as well

Pan-STARRS movie now online

Gizmowatch names Pan-STARRS-1 one of "20 marvels of modern engineering"

Education & Outreach

International Astronomical Search Collaboration

Astronomy and Space Sites for Education


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